Local Guide: Where To Buy Cannabis on Vashon Island

By Kush21 Staff Editor

With the gift that is autumn in Washington, you’ve got to check out Vashon Island as the season changes. Everyone that lives on the west side of Washington needs to consider at least a day visit. With one short ferry ride away on either side of the Puget Sound, it’s not difficult to find passage. Once you land on the island, Kush 21 is the best choice for all of your cannabis needs! 

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With $6 grams of Puna Orange and $20 eighths of GG4, our Vashon location strives to bring great prices and great products to the locals of the island. Although Vashon is beautiful, many of the residents find it difficult to find everything they need on the island. This problem is why we’re proud to be staffed by some of the most knowledgeable people in the cannabis industry, and two fifth-generation islanders. With a mix of local culture and cannabis expertise, we’re sure to help you leave happy and provide honest knowledge of the plant.

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Versatility and Options Make For A Caring and Meaningful Experience

In addition to an excellent flower selection, we also offer affordable $12 grams of concentrates such as Mendo Warp Oil by Kouchlock Productions. Forbidden Farms also offers lit grams of Plushberry Wax at $16 per gram. Sitka however, really blew us away with their $35 grams of Catholic School Girl Hash. Of course, there are also options such as Oleum’s $43 grams of Melon Cake Live Resin. No matter what level of concentrate you’re looking for, we got you covered. 

Other interesting products include the 10mg Cool Ranch Canna Chips by Blue Roots for $8 a pop. Otherwise, for lighter flavors, you have to try the 10mg Chai Tea packed from High Tea. With the rise of drinkables, entirely new demographics open up to the cannabis industry. Honu also delivers sweet cannabis bliss with products such as their 2:1 CBD:THC Peanut Butter Cup

Of course, we can’t list all of our inventory, but it is stocked with winners. A final one to leave off with is High Drate’s Blueberry Pomegranate Acaí 100mg Drink. For $30 each, these drinks are available in 30 and 100 mg. They’re excellent for those looking for effects that might be quick and noticeable, as well as those looking to microdose. Come over to Kush 21 on Vashon Island today and find a staff that cares about getting you the medicine you’ve been looking for. 

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October 21, 2020

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