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Zip’s Drive-In Is One Of Spokane’s Favorite Burger Joints

By Staff

Zip’s Drive-In is one of the easiest recommendations to make for cheap and filling grub, especially those coming from our Spokane location. After getting your favorite cannabis products, there’s nothing better than some greasy comfort food, so stop by one of their convenient locations around town on your way home. Whether you’re smoking buds, concentrates, or even munching on some edibles, Zip’s food is one of the best ways to wash it down.


Zip’s Drive-In is a classic Spokane chain spreading its way around the West Coast. With a wide variety of fast-food classics on their menu, Zip’s gives both the convenient timing of a casual brand with the homey sense of quality necessary for a strong chain. With up to three beef patties on a hamburger, they’re sure to satisfy your cravings. 

For something a bit more delicate, Zip’s sandwiches provide a less greasy option available on the road. Those just looking to kill the hunger have to consider the Zip’s pass or the daily specials. No matter if you’re looking for seafood, chicken, sides, or dessert, there’s the right option at Zip’s. 

Operating in the Spokane area since the 1950s, Zip’s is one of the classic places to grab a bite around town. The motto behind the brand, “Thrift and Swift” has proved applicable throughout decades of business. Zip’s was one of the state’s defining drive-ins throughout the era when they were the most popular. However, as Drive-Ins waned, Zip’s stayed through fair prices, excellent food, and lasting charm. 

With a handful of stores throughout Eastern Washington, Zip’s is a ubiquitous choice for those living in the region. They’re open, available, and the tartar sauce has always been made from scratch. If you haven’t had this foundational convenient fast-food chain before, now’s the time. Many in the area rely on Zip’s for a quick bite after work, their road trip fuel, or as a guilty pleasure. Try out a little bit of our GG#4, pick up a Zip’s combo on your way home, treat yourself, and see if you’re not sleeping within a half hour. 

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November 9, 2020

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