Burger Joints to Try in Seattle

5 Burger Joints to Try in Seattle

By Angie Mcfarlane

Seattle has so many burger joints. It can get slightly overwhelming when you’re trying to pick the best place to go and enjoy a delicious burger.

You know the burgers that I’m talking about. They’re packed with flavor and layered with secret sauces and fresh ingredients that become a signature of the restaurant.

It’s beyond your standard lettuce, tomato, bun, mustard, mayo, and ketchup. We’re talking about burgers that melt in your mouth and have you coming back for more! I call them stellar burgers, and there are only so many places in Seattle that sport said burgers. Without further adieu, here’s our list of burger joints you need to try.


This burger joint has several locations spread throughout Seattle as well as in both SODO Stadiums. It’s known for its “fresh, local, and organic” meat patties.

Most places serve tater tots or regular french fries, but these guys have figured out what we really want. They keep their reserves properly stocked of crinkle cut fries for our delight.

Some will say that it can be a little pricey for the simplicity of the burgers, but remember this is Seattle. Great State Burger has a rather interesting aesthetic going on with a contemporary vibe that compliments the menu and Seattle’s vibe in general. Think of Roy Lichtenstein’s art during the 60’s and infuse it with a restaurant, and you’ll get Great State Burger.


Warning: this place gets packed! When you walk into 8oz Burger & Co one of the first things you’ll notice is the price of the burgers, but well worth it.

All of their burgers are made with grass-fed beef. Don’t forget, you’ll also be getting a half-pound or 8oz patty of pure delicious goodness. You will not want to put the burger down, it’s on that kind of a level!

This place may very well put an end game to your ultimate premium burger search. These burgers have juices running down your hands as you hold them and the bun seems to hold it all together and doesn’t fall apart on you. It’s a small place, and it can be packed on a regular evening, so I suggest going early or making a reservation before trekking to Capitol Hill.


Red Mill Burgers has a handful of locations around the Seattle area. They’re little joints that have won several awards for their tasty burgers. They’ve been featured on GQ and Oprah. It has even won awards for the “Best Onion Rings”, and has made appearances on well-known TV shows such as Man vs Food.

The decor is reminiscent of a 1950s era diner and is a great family lunch spot. Make sure you order the Bacon Deluxe with cheese and then plop down on the oversized wooden benches outside when our rare Seattle sun decides to show its pretty lil face.


This place just looks like a bit of American history. They have an old school drive-in vibe with servers coming out to your car ready to take your order. The food is excellent and very well priced.

As you drive past this establishment, you’ll quickly notice the horns of their logo sticking out over their sign and giving you a taste of something you normally don’t see in Seattle. Burgermaster has locations near Northgate, University Village, and Bellevue.

Looking for a burger without all that corporate influence? This is your place. Here’s the thing though, if you’re one of those Midwest transplants to Seattle like myself, you’ll love these guys! Just drive up, turn your lights on, and wait for a team member to come out and serve you.

This is a place where you dine in your car, get a satisfying burger, and not kill your bank account. And you can’t go to an old school drive-in restaurant and not get a milkshake.


Saved the best for last, if I do say so myself. Giddy up Burgers and Greens is on its own level of burger greatness! They’re located in Ballard on the corner of Leary Way NW and NW 46th St just across the street from the ever-busy Ballard Fred Meyer.

For starters, this place stands out when you drive up to it, the building has a covered outdoor area that’s kept together by some very large and prominent wooden beams with a wild west feel. Walking in, the smell of high-quality beef rushes to your face, and you will become instantly hungry if you weren’t already. The western vibe that you get from this place when you sit at the bar is relaxing, rare in Seattle and one to cherish.

The Big Cheese is a fine burger if I say so myself. We’re talking about a ⅓ lb patty, bacon, cheddar, lettuce, pickles, tomatoes, onion, and their homemade special Giddy Sauce sandwiched between two grilled buns. It’s that special burger for the bold and hungry who want those one-of-a-kind flavors packed into a burger that just hits the spot and melts away in your mouth.

But really, every item is a winner at Giddy Up Burgers. Giddy Up Burgers is a fantastic family spot with a kids menu, games, and soft-serve ice cream for the little ones too.

Is your tummy grumbling? Next time you’re in the Seattle area and hunger strikes, check out some of these truly mouth-watering burger joints. You won’t be disappointed!

Angie Mcfarlane

Cannabis Culture writer for Kush21

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June 28, 2019

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