The Best Spokane Growlers And Where To Find Them

The Best Spokane Growlers And Where To Find Them

By Kush21 Staff Editor

If you enjoy drinking beer, you’re probably familiar with the typical containers: aluminum cans, glass bottles, pint glasses, etc. These are the products we see most of as consumers, but if you’re new to the craft beer scene, there’s one more container you may not have heard of—the growler. 

In this Kush 21 beer list, we will tell you everything you need to know about Growlers and the local breweries that carry them.

What Is A Growler?

A growler is an air-tight jug used for transporting draft beer. These containers keep beer fresh for up to ten days. 

These containers may seem like any other, but in fact, there’s a ton of benefits to using them. Firstly, these jugs are ecologically and economically friendly, meaning both your inner plant-lover and your wallet will thank you. The large containers are also perfect for sharing with friends. Take home a gallon of beer from your favorite brewery for everyone to enjoy, or just keep it in your fridge and enjoy your delicious craft beer all week. No matter the occasion, the growler is the best container for long-lasting, fresh draft beer—at your convenience. 

Spokane Breweries With Growlers To-Go

Steady Flow Growler House

Steady Flow Growler House & Tasting Room is a veteran-owned tap house. Growlers are the specialty at this bar, and with 43 options on tap, you’re guaranteed to bring some delicious craft beer home. The selection rotates between local Spokane breweries, Inland North
West, and around the U.S. Steady Flow Growler House puts its focus on seasonal beers, limited release, and brewery collaborations. If you’re looking to bring home some unique beer, or just want to drink local, Steady Flow Growler House is the place for you. 

Stop by this classic Spokane Growler House located on 328 N Sullivan Rd STE 8, Spokane Valley, WA 99037. For store updates, or if you have a question, check out their Facebook. They typically respond in minutes and are happy to help you!

No-Li Brewhouse

No-Li is a family-owned, independent Brewhouse with a hands-on, traditional approach to brewing. This refreshingly authentic brewery makes its beer from locally sourced ingredients. Fill a growler to take home, or just pop in and try one of their delicious beers on tap. Located right beside the Spokane River, this Brewhouse is perfect for anyone looking for an enjoyable experience with a brand that is genuine about their community.

 Follow them on Instagram or find them at 1003 E Trent Ave #170, Spokane, WA 99202

YaYa Brewing Company

The YaYa Brewing Company is a brewery that is true to the roots of Spokane. This Washington city is the hometown of the brewery’s two founders: Jason and Chris Gass. The company crafts beer with a nod to the Eastern Coast through their New England IPA’s, while celebrating the ingredients of the state they’re from. Their menu reflects an understanding of quality beer from both coasts, and their mix of flavors change seasonally. This brewery emphasizes its loyalty to the community through every facet of its operation, including its donations to local charities. The YaYa Brewing Company donates a percentage of all tasting room sales from their flagship beer, Angel IPA. Bring home a growler filled with their delicious beer home to share with friends.

Stop by the YaYa Brewing Company at 11712 E Montgomery Dr. Unit F1-3, Spokane Valley, WA 99206 and check out their Facebook for deals and updates!

Iron Goat Brewing Co.

Iron Goat is another Brewing Company founded by Spokane natives. Located on the west side of downtown Spokane, this local brewery has a personal approach to crafting beer. Iron Goat is a company unafraid to experiment. The brewing company constantly plays with flavors, hop choices, and seasonal ingredients to produce delicious, quality beer. Iron Goat is a brewery for people looking to try exciting new flavors that don’t lose the charm of the city.

Check out their Facebook or stop by the shop at 1302 W 2nd Ave Spokane, WA 99201 to fill their glass growlers with delicious ale.

River City Brewing

River City Brewing is also located on the west side of downtown Spokane. Their selection of tap beer includes award-winning craft beers like their Midnight Marmot Stout, River City Red, and Kernel Krusher Barley Wine. Take a growler to-go at this Spokane brewery. More than 90% of their hops are harvested right outside the city. River City Brewing also hosts an array of events including outdoor music festivals like Rock The Block, Volume Fest, and Unifest. They also have monthly First Friday Garage Parties.

Check out their Facebook for updates on events or stop by the place at 121 S Cedar St, Spokane, WA 99201

If there is one thing to be said for Spokane breweries, it’s that they are true to the community and the ingredients of Eastern Washington. You can’t go wrong by purchasing a growler from any of these wonderful Brewing companies.

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December 18, 2020

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