Mr. Bills Of Buckley Is Officially Now Our Sister Store

Mr. Bills Of Buckley Is Officially Now Our Sister Store

By Kush21 Staff Editor

Kush21 will always be there for our devoted patrons and we aim to continuously impress our customers with both our high-quality product selection and amazing team. We understand that there are instances when our visitors are unable to visit Kush21 and must purchase cannabis elsewhere. It’s often difficult to locate a dispensary that lives up to the standards of your preferred dispensary, but Kush21 is going to make that search a little bit easier for you. We’re happy to announce that Mr. Bills of Buckley is officially our sister store, and we guarantee a superior cannabis experience that will leave any guest impressed.

Visit Mr. Bills Of Buckley Today

Mr. Bills of Buckley, located in Buckley, Washington, near Crystal Mountain, is a dispensary you can trust to provide great cannabis, well-informed recommendations, and weekly promotions that let you down. Since 2014, Mr. Bills of Buckley has put their time and effort into ensuring that all of their visitors have access to all of the best products available, at the best prices.

Every weekday, there are unique weekly deals available, giving you something to look forward to when your weekend comes to a close. If you’re planning on going to Mr. Bills of Buckley, be sure to stop in on Munchie Monday, Doobie Tuesday, Wax Wednesday, or Top Shelf Thursday to get a 10% discount on your favorite products.

Whether it comes to flower or cartridges, each item is carefully selected by Mr. Bill’s cannabis experts. They carry some of the state’s most popular brands, including Top Shelf, Refine, Dabstract, Phat Panda, and many more. Mr. Bills of Buckley is always able to offer a diverse variety to ensure that there is something for everyone. If you’re curious about their product offerings, have a look at their live menu

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July 26, 2021

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