Larry Cake Strain: Earthy, Fruity, and Uplifting

By Kush21 Staff Editor

Larry Cake, also known as Ice Cream Cake, is a cross of the strains Gelato #33 and Wedding Cake. This is an earthy, fruity bud with a potentially uplifting high that’s perfect for Indica fans. Originally bred by Seed Junky, Freddy’s Fuego cultivates top-notch batches of strains like Larry Cake so everyone and their mother can get a chance to experience this delectable cultivar. 

Of the numerous different strains we offer at Kush21 dispensaries, this strain Freddy’s stands out as a potential tool for relaxation and mood-boosting. Any chance to have Larry Cake again is an opportunity you wouldn’t want to turn down. Trying it for the first time might provide the uplifting yet relieving high you’ve been searching for. 

Looking at the buds, they have a plump, dense, yet conal shape that showcases dark green foliage with even darker splotches of purple. Red-orange pistils poke through the cracks on this resinous and sparkly bud. On the nose, you’ll detect hints of fruity gas that resolve into a cheesy, chocolatey earthiness. Cracking open a nug will release a wave of sweet diesel-driven earth that implies its indica dominance.

Larry Cake Strain by Freddy’s Fuego

Bud like this doesn’t come around from just any cultivation facility. Freddy’s 16,000 square foot facility is committed to a Closed Grow Environment strategy. The processes of their eight grow rooms are totally controlled and guarantee consistent, unadulterated quality. Kush 21 SeaTac/Burien is proud to offer 1/8 and 1/4 ounce servings of Larry Cake Pirate’s Reserve Flower.

You can view the Special Reserve for yourself in our store by clicking here. If you were looking for Freddy’s Fuego at a different location, we still have several other Freddy’s Fuego flower batches for sale, including strains like Mendo Breath and Sherb Crasher. Be sure to check out their website by hitting the link below as well.

Our Story — Freddy’s Fuego (

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