Harlequin by Greenhaven Farms

Harlequin by Greenhaven Farms

Product Spotlight

By Karl Howell

Affordable CBD?

Finding CBD products, but especially flower, at a reasonable price in today’s market can seem impossible.

Let alone a product at a near 1:1 CBD to THC ratio. Harlequin by Greenhaven Farms offers you the chance to experience what CBD can do to help you, without breaking the bank in the process. It’s pungent and aromatic terpene profile will make any of us terpene snobs stop to appreciate it’s smoke as more than just medicine but as an example of the craft that Greenhaven puts behind their cannabis. Coupled with the fact that Harlequin is massively medically significant because of its consistent expression of CBD, and you can see why we at Kush 21 are always raving about Greenhaven.

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What Can CBD do for You

Everyone who uses cannabis products regularly is aware of cannabinoids such as THC. But the more you dig into what makes cannabis tick, the more you will discover that there are a wide range of cannabinoids all with their own benefits. Different ratios of different cannabinoids will provide a variety of medical benefits from acting as a sleep aid to helping with anxiety.

CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that bonds to the same receptors as THC would, thus preventing that molecule from bonding with that receptor.

Since you do not require every receptor to bond with THC in order to feel the psychoactive effects, strains with a good 1:1 ratio are fantastic strains if one finds their tolerance begin to creep. Harlequin by Greenhaven would be the absolute perfect choice in lieu of taking an actual tolerance break and thus depriving yourself of possible medical benefits derived from your cannabis consumption.

CBD itself provides a massive array of medical benefits. While it is important to note that, in large part due to cannabis’s more recent legalization, most of the studies are ongoing. However, some of the most exciting possible uses for CBD include epilepsy, inflammation, depression, anxiety and may have neuroprotective properties.

With the wide field of possible medically significant applications, CBD is quickly becoming a favorite cannabinoid for those looking to find relief and resolution to the symptoms plaguing them. For those looking for a flower to do just that, look no further than Harlequin by Greenhaven Farms.

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Let’s Talk Terps

Harlequin exhibits myrcene, caryophyllene, and alpha-pinene, which, through the entourage effect, provides an even greater yield of medicinal benefits. It also helps describe Harlequin’s sweet, earthy, floral profile with a hint of citrus, and mint.

Both pinene and myrcene are thought to contain analgesic properties and as a result, are fantastic for pain relief. Couple that with the entourage effect and THC’s natural pain killing properties and add in CBD’s anti-inflammatory nature and you get a strain that is tailor-made to help relieve pain and reduce inflammation in the body.

On top of that, myrcene and caryophyllene are thought to aid in stress relief and anxiety. So while you let Harlequin address any physical ailments that may be bothering you, you can also help relax and address any mental rest and relaxation you might need after a long day.

These and the many more entourage effects of these three primary terpenes make Harlequin an all-around staple for the medical or recreational smoker who is looking to reap the numerous benefits CBD has to offer.

Get High without the High Price

All in all, Harlequin by Greenhaven Farms provides consumers with a product that they could see otherwise costing them twice as much while being a fantastic quality product at the same time.

Considering the relative neglect that the medical market can sometimes experience, having a farm that is providing Washington with quality medical cannabis is exactly what the doctor ordered. One will quickly start to realize just how helpful that little extra kick of CBD really can be.

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Karl Howell

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