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Not Just Another Manic Monday – 5 Coffee Shops in Seattle to Checkout

By Kush21 Staff Editor


By Kush21 Editor

The best coffeehouses and cannabis strains in Seattle to start your week

It’s no secret that Seattle is known for its coffee culture.  Living in the city makes you privy to a mecca of some of the world’s top coffee roasters as well as a plethora of renowned cafes.  While nothing beats a lazy Sunday at one of Yelp’s most highly rated coffee shops, sometimes a perfect cup is needed most on a Monday, and these locations are nothing short of the best to brighten even the rainiest weekday mood.

5 Highly Rated Coffeehouses in the Seattle Area

  1. Storyville Coffee Company

Locations: Pike Place, Queen Anne, 1st & Madison

Roasting Studio Located: Bainbridge Island

When that familiar Monday mood hits and the leftover office Keurig cups just aren’t cutting it, make a trip over to one of Storyville’s several locations for a premium caffeination experience.  Order a mug of their artisan roasted coffee and pick a couch to cozy up on to relax and take in the aroma of their full-bodied Prologue Blend. Once you know you love it, you can subscribe for delivery and have one-of-a-kind fresh coffee from the roasting masters at Storyville right at the doorstep of your home or office.

  1. Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room

Located: Pike Street

You may want to consider playing hooky altogether once you step into the ambiance of the Starbucks Reserve.  There’s a reason it’s a must-have Seattle experience, and a trip to the headquarters of one of the most well-known coffee companies is sure to prove to be educational and enjoyable.  The master baristas and mixologists will whisk you right out of that just-another-Monday funk with one sip of a coffee or coffee-inspired cocktail. Pair it with a tasty Italian bite while you’re at it and call it lunch.  Be sure to pick up a bag of your favorite roast to take home with you!

Moore Coffee Shop

Locations: 2nd Ave, Stewart St, Burien

The talented baristas over at Moore have more than a few delicious coffee beverages on their menu, but be warned that if you pick a hot latte it may be too cute to drink.  The latte art created everyday at this coffee shop is amazing, and the atmosphere is clean and has a homey feel. I dare you to check out their Instagram and feast your eyes upon the sweet and savory waffles on their menu, just waiting to be freshly made to pair with their delectable drinks.  Take a break from the hectic day with a stop in at any of the three Moore locations.

Seattle Coffee Works

Locations: Pike St, Ballard, Cascade, Capitol Hill

This particular cafe option is proud to source their coffee from “environmentally and socially conscious” growers, and their team is trained thoroughly to learn the ins and outs of making their unique, pleasant brews.  Check out their brew guides on their website to learn Seattle Coffee Works’ keys to crafting a perfect cup every time. Their different blends are also offered by subscription delivery if you prefer the idea of that perfect cup coming to you.  Either way, you’re bound to perk up at first taste and have a pep in your step that might even make your Monday feel like a Friday.
Victrola Coffee Roasters

Locations: Pike Street, Capitol Hill, Beacon Hill, Downtown

The well-loved Victrola “buys small quantities of market-fresh coffees from farmers and producers all around the globe and roasts them to perfection in Seattle”.  Their single-origin coffee is available for one-time or subscription purchase online, or grab your favorite coworker and head to one of their four locations for a break with a lovely foam-art latte and a flaky, sweet croissant.  You may just look forward to the start of every work week if you make this spot your go-to.

When the day is done, the coffee breath has been tamed, and the caffeinated buzz has faded, another highly endorsed Seattle staple great for any day of the week is cannabis.  The city holds dispensaries unlike any other, and its growing cannabis community is passionate about making the world a better place, one toke at a time.

5 of the Best Strains for Stress and Tension

Blue Dream

Whether you’ve smashed your goals for the day or have a serious case of the Monday blues, Blue Dream is coming in hot as a sublime option for your relaxation needs.  A renowned favorite of all levels of cannabis partakers, give this ultimate dreamy strain a try to feel its effects banish those residual stressful thoughts and dull any weariness of your bones.

Granddaddy Purple

You’ll want to make sure everything you need for the evening is within arm’s reach because Granddaddy Purple is one of the kings of couch lock.  This means your mind and body will be feeling snug-as-a-bug while you rest and kick your feet up after the long day. That one guy who cut you off in traffic on the I-5 will be a distant memory once this euphoric strain takes effect.

Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush is a definite go-to choice to boost your weekday mood.  Make sure your favorite munchies are stocked because Bubba brings a healthy appetite right along with a heavy, ultra-chill high.  It can’t fix the copier, or your coworker’s attitude, but a toke can certainly help you forget them.

Northern Lights

If you earned yourself any new aches and pains over the course of the weekend, or you’ve got a particularly non-ergonamic keyboard situation, check out Northern Lights.  This strain is very popular for people seeking relief from pain, and it boasts stellar reviews for doing just that. Give it a go and you’ll find that it’s great for soothing a restless mind and keeping insomnia at bay as well, so you can recharge for your Tuesday properly.

Blue Cheese

Our last option to make the list is some fine cheesy goodness, touting effects of heavy relaxation.  This strain is another excellent pick for easing even the most stubborn or intense muscle pain and stress tension.  Have a good stretch, take a long hit, and feel the day’s worries wash away while the happy vibes of Blue Cheese takeover.

While it can be hard to kiss the weekend goodbye, the start to fresh week filled with new goals and experiences is something we can all be grateful for.  Set the tone for your week by treating yourself and making time for the things that bring you joy. We hope you invite the lovely duo that is coffee and cannabis into your Monday routine once in awhile.

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