Sower Power by Mama J’s

By Miriam Macias

Sour Power by Mama J’s is an all-body Sativa whose strong diesel taste had me running all day. Seriously-it took only half a J to send me strutting to the library set and ready to write this post. I felt energized, focused, and somehow very grounded despite the fact that the high was comparable to a double shot mocha. Sour Power was the perfect pre-class pick me up; I was able to focus on and engage effortlessly in even my most dreaded of classes.

Sour Powers unique cross between the classic, relaxing Starbud Indica and fast-paced, attitude-lifting East Coast Sour Diesel gives a calming, euphoric, and focused high perfect for any busy person’s day. It has been known to help with the treatment of anxiety, PTSD, depression, nausea, Crohn’s disease, and glaucoma, along with physical ailments like inflammation and tension. Though it worked well with my overwrought lifestyle, I would strongly recommend eating a good meal beforehand, as I could definitely feel a rush of anxious adrenaline than was alleviated by nothing but munchies.

Physically, Sour Power buds are pungent, diesely, and characterized by beautiful purple and orange hairs on an almost jade color due to its plethora of trichomes. It was not too sticky, though a grinder would be best for bowls or joints as it does tend to clump. Sour Power has a very strong diesel taste, while enjoyable for many, would definitely call for some gum, water, and spray to cover up if smoking incognito.

What do you think? Pick up some Sour Power by Mama J’s at a Kush21 location near you and see for yourself.

Miriam Macias

Kush21 Insider
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Sourpower Mama j

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