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Kush21 Food Drive with Northwest Harvest

Get Munchies Give Munchies!

Giving Back in November

We want to thank all our customers for coming out during our spooky October sales last month! This month, the Kush21 family is determined to give back to our community in a huge way. November is the month where families gather to celebrate unity and give thanks over a traditional meal we all know as Thanksgiving. However, many families within our community are not able to provide a hot meal for their own.

In Washington alone, 1 in 9 people struggle with hunger, and 1 in 6 children live in homes that are not fortunate enough to see a hot meal every day. 

Northwest Harvest is a statewide hunger relief agency that fights poverty head-on and at its roots. Their mission is to “Head the fight for hungry people statewide to have access to nutritious food while respecting their dignity and promoting good health.” 

Ending hunger in Washington will take more than just a few hands, however. In true Kush21 fashion, we will be launching a, Get Munchies Give Munchies food donation.

In partnership with Northwest Harvest, we are aiming to raise 10,000 lbs of food to donate to our local communities in need. To help these families, we need your support. For the full month of November, we will be accepting donations at our Burien location. Help your community celebrate a wonderful holiday with those they love by donating your canned, non perishable items.

For more details, follow the link below for Northwest Harvest information.

Hunger in Washington

With Kush21, everybody wins.

 Happy Holidaze from us to you!

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