Strains to Boost Your Spring Cleaning Productivity

By Kush21 Staff Editor


The daffodils have bloomed and the rabbits are sunning themselves in the freshly mown grass of our Seattle suburbs.  

As much as I look forward to the first sunny rays of the season streaming through my windows, the well-lit perspective tends to spotlight my winter collection of dust bunnies and the dirt of tip-toeing boots that have been hibernating deep in my carpet.

Whether you dread spring cleaning and have no motivation to face whatever that smell is beneath the fridge, or you’ve been building the ultimate Spotify playlist and looking forward to freshening your place up all year, here are five productivity boosting strains we recommend for spring cleaning!


This strain stays true to its name with a noticeably lemony taste and smell.  Being an 80% Sativa hybrid of Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze, Super Lemon Haze is a great choice for boosting your mood and energy levels if you’re still feeling sluggish after a winter cold.  Its slow-building head high will have you wiping down your baseboards with a smile on your face, and will help you stay focused on the task at hand.

Try: Cascade Herb Company IONIC Super Lemon Haze Distillate Cartridge

Sky High Gardens Cannabis


Green Crack is a sweet, earthy tasting Sativa option touting an energetic, uplifting high.  Creatives and begrudging spring cleaners alike can speak for the strain’s positive, exhilarating effects giving them a happier mindset and sharper mental focus.  Leafly’s website describes Green Crack as “a great daytime strain that may help consumers fight fatigue, stress, and depression”, and it could be the perfect one for fighting off those dust bunnies we talked about, too.  

Try: Sky High Gardens Flower


Our second hybrid to make the list is Canna-Tsu, and this one is loaded with CBD to alleviate any pain, inflammation, or anxiety that’s keeping you down and dirty.  The high CBD content and low THC content in this strain make for a very mild high, so there’s little risk of getting stoned and distracted by munchies while you’re organizing the pantry.  

Many enjoy the woodsy taste of Canna-Tsu, which can be reminiscent of bits of both Green Crack and Super Lemon Haze with its citrusy, earthy palette. It’s a lovely strain to make your spring clean a more relaxing experience.

Try: Liberty Reach Pre-Roll

Evolution Cannabis Flower


Sour D has been popular since the 90s for its signature pungent odor and simultaneously dreamy and invigorating effects.  Also known for its depression-relieving capabilities, the strain can lift your spirits and help you get moving when motivation is especially difficult to come by.  It’s a fun sativa that’s a tremendous option for turning a long day of housework into an abnormally productive dance party, and keeping stress low as you go.

Try: Evolution Cannabis Co. Sour Diesel Flower

Flight9 Cannabis


The last strain on our list is certainly not the least worthy. Cinex is a Sativa-dominant hybrid also well-loved for its mood-lifting ability and the surge of creative motivation that comes along with its skunky smell and pleasant high.  If you find yourself needing some friendly positive encouragement to believe that those wine stains definitely ARE going to come out in the wash, then Cinex is your best bud.

Try: Flight 9 Pre-Roll

Strawberry Lemonade Highdrate Cannabis


Whichever product you choose, cannabis is a perfect energizer and de-stressor to help you tackle your spring cleaning list.  After the work is done, kick back and enjoy your spotless space with a refreshing Strawberry Lemonade HighDrate from Evergreen Herbal or some celebratory Wave Edibles’ caramel and chocolate Sea Turtles

Don’t forget to clean under your couch cushions!  You may just find that fresh blunt tube you misplaced a while ago under there… ? Your spring cleaning day just got way more enjoyable!

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