Rocket Cannabis Grows Strains That Will Send YOu Soaring

By Kush21 Staff Editor

The Washington State-based company, Rocket Cannabis, pays heavy attention to detail and as a result, consistently grows quality cannabis at affordable prices. With every seed and strain hand-selected for flavor, effect, and esthetic appeal, you are practically guaranteed an enjoyable smoking experience. While perfect in flower form, the premier strains are turned into Rocket’s myriad of THC products that may make you feel like you’re in zero-G.

Continue reading to learn more about Rocket Cannabis, a brand flying off the shelves at our Kush 21 store.

rocket cannabis

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Strains to Fuel Your Rocket

Want to try a few strains that will send you out of this world? You are cordially invited to blast off with Rocket Cannabis!

“Every strain was grown from seed by our own crew, and only the best phenotype of each strain is used for cloning…We believe due to our combined experience, knowledge, and passion for cannabis you will receive a product that is out of this world.”

Quote from Rocket Cannabis Website

The myriad of strains at Rocket Cannabis are specifically selected for stability, consistency, resin production, smell, taste, and effect. Although the process isn’t quick or easy, the company knows its nugs are top of the class. Some of their strains include a cross of SFV OG, Triangle Kush, and Hells Angels OG, a Sunset Sherbert and Do-Si-Dos mix, and an Animal cookies and Original Glue blend, to name a few. Interestingly, the last strain is called Zookies. It has a complex terpene profile with a pungent nutty and sweet aroma and strong diesel notes! Furthermore, these are just some of the tons of new flower and other THC products coming out from Rocket!

Where to Find Rocket Cannabis

If you are over the moon about the strains at Rocket, you can find them among the other star brands at Kush 21. From dab-able concentrates to fire flower, you can find everything you need and more at our dispensary. To access our full menu, you can click here or come in-stores to one of our multiple locations around the Sea-Tac area.

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October 11, 2022

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