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Lifted Cannabis Co Brand Guide: Premium Washington Genetics

By Kush21 Staff Editor

Lifted Cannabis Co is an indoor producer/processor based out of Tacoma, Washington. The brand is known for some of the most exclusive flower drops in Washington, as well as their premium in-house genetics. While the brand has multiple product categories on their menu, Lifted is best known for their triple lineup of flower products: Small-Batch, Luxury, and Signature. 

Lifted Cannabis Co

lifted cannabis co weed
lifted cannabis co weed


Lifted Cannabis Co’s Signature lineup contains some of the brand’s staple strains. This includes their first-ever in-house strains as well as their most popular.  

Zour Larry 

Zour Larry is a hybrid cross of Zkittlez and Sour Larry containing around 25% THC and 0.054% CBD. This combination of strains may result in a stimulating and energetic experience. The dominant terpene in this strain is caryophyllene, so users can expect a peppery, spicy aroma with a funky taste. 


The Luxury strain lineup features an array of in-house crosses that all have the brand’s most popular strain in their genetics: Wedding Cake. 

Sugar Tax #4

The Sugar Tax #4 strain is an indica-leaning hybrid bred from a Lifted Cannabis Co cross of Irn Glu and Donuts #2. The flower contains dense buds that are a dark purple color with a blanket of white trichomes. The strain sits around 19% THC and 0.041% CBD. The dominant terpene in Sugar Tax #4 is limonene. Users may experience a slightly sedative state of relaxation, while also enjoying a sweet, citrus flavor. 

lifted cannabis co
lifted cannabis co

Small-Batch Flower

The Lifted Cannabis Co Small-Batch flower line consistently features Washington’s most exclusive drops, as well as expensive. 

White Truffle 

The White Truffle strain is Lifted Cannabis Co’s most coveted strain. The indica-dominant hybrid is made up of a cross between Gorilla Butter and Peanut Butter Breath. The strain is extremely sticky and equally fragrant. White Truffle contains around 25% THC and 0.051% CBD. Users may experience a relaxing body high with some couch-locking capabilities. The dominant terpene – limonene – lends the strain a citrus-like flavor. 

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