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Ozone delivers cannabis flower, flavorful concentrates and tasty gummies that are made for every moment, mood and occasion. Additionally, no matter if you’re a seasoned connoisseur or newly canna-curious, Ozone promises to give you the high-quality products you need when you need them. These reasons and more are why Kush21 stocks up on several Ozone products for the wonderful recreational consumers of Jacksonville, IL.

Continue reading to learn more about the variety of Ozone products flying off Kush21 shelves.

Kush21 in Jacksonville, IL.
Ozone Cannabis

 Ozone Cannabis

If you want attention to detail in the recipe of your THC products, trust that Ozone has your back. Each unique strain and product have been hand-selected and raised by knowledgeable growers with care. Additionally, the company’s headquarters is only a three-and-a-half-hour drive from Kush21, making their cannabis products some of the freshest on the shelves.

Concentrate, Flower, and Gummies at Kush21

No matter your preferred cannabis consumption method, Kush21 has a plethora of Ozone gummies, concentrates, and flower in stores now. For instance, if you are a strain specific cannasseur, you may be interested in trying a cultivar from the colossal collection that Ozone has to offer. However, your desired cannabis products may not always be available for purchase, depending on what state you’re in. For instance, currently, you can pick up OGKZ, Butterstuff, Mac 1, and Cinnamon Buddah flower strains, among other THC products by Ozone in Illinois at Kush21.

Additionally, if you prefer THC gummies, you can try Ozone’s Green Apple, Strawberry, Blood Orange, or Passionfruit flavors, containing 100mg of THC each. The packaging is meant to make consuming your desired amount of cannabis easy and reliable. Each tin will cost around $25. However, the deals offered at Kush21 may discount the price, depending on the day.

Finally, for experienced consumers who enjoy the high of concentrates, Ozone has something for y’all too. You can check out the Rollie and Butterstuff Live Resin vape carts or the Banana Daddy, Wedding Crasher, or SFV OG Live Budder. One thing to note is that the current Live Budder offerings come infused with high amounts of THC and a little CBD as well, while the carts only have THC.

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April 17, 2023

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