Black Cherry Gelato

Black Cherry Gelato Strain By Dutch Brothers: Delicious Berry Smoke That May Relax You

By Kush21 Staff Editor

The Black Cherry Gelato strain isn’t a flavor of ice cream, although this potent hybrid may make you hungry for some. Furthermore, this delicious strain is made by the Dutch Brothers and is a pleasure to smoke for heavy consumers. You can try it today if you shop at one of the Kush 21 stores in Seattle.

Black Cherry Gelato
Black Cherry Gelato

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Black Cherry Gelato Strain By Dutch Brothers

Upon opening the container, you immediately sense the pungent aroma. Each dark green nug glistens when held in the light because of its amber-colored trichomes. Additionally, you may notice the thin orange pistils that sprout up and about the leafy base. Furthermore, the scent of the strain slaps your senses with a combination of sweet, peppery, and berry notes on top of a piney aroma. Similarly, when smoking the pungent flower, you can really taste a sweet, spicy, and herbal flavor.

Genetics & Effects

Looking to bring up your appetite and mood? Black Cherry Gelato may make you hungry, happy, and relaxed because of its hybrid nature. The strain is made by crossing the sativa-dominant Acai with an equally balanced hybrid Black Cherry Funk strain.

Those who have tried this strain say it is especially helpful for alleviating pain. According to Wikileaf, “Medical marijuana patients often buy this strain during mild episodes of depression, stress, and cramps.” Furthermore, Black Cherry Gelato can be found with a THC content ranging from 14-26% with a dominant Pinene, Caryophyllene, and Myrcene terpene profile. Meaning, it may have a piney, peppery and herbal-like flavor.

Black Cherry Gelato Strain User Reviews

Many consumers love the fruity notes that this strain may provide as well as the calm nature it may bring.

“Aromas of berry, cherry, funk, and earthy gas. Amazing for insomnia literally will put you to sleep midday with ease. Taste great and puts me to bed. If you like indicas this is a zoinker.”


If you’d like to try this strain you may be able to find it on the Kush 21 menu, but you’ll have to act fast because it’s a highly sought-after strain. Not to worry though, if you can’t find Black Cherry Gelato, there are many comparable hybrid strains on our shelves that may have similar potential effects and flavors of the strain.


  • THC: 14-26%
  • Dominant terpene: Caryophyllene, Limonene & Myrcene

Black Cherry Gelato Strain Overview

  • Hybrid
  • Genetics: Acai x Black Cherry Funk
  • Aroma: Gas/Sweet/Peppery/Floral
  • Flavor: Berries/Sweet/Herbal

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