Kush21 Is The Closest Dispensary To SeaTac Airport

March 4, 2021

For many of us, the dispensary is the first place we go after getting off a flight at SeaTac. After a long day of traveling, which probably took multiple hours in combined airport and flight time, relaxation is going to be at the top of your mind. Located just 5 minutes from the SeaTac Airport, Kush 21 in Burien is dedicated to featuring affordable, quality cannabis in a knowledgeable and friendly environment. Whether you’re coming back from a trip or a resident of the South-Seattle area, stop in to check out our hand-picked products in a variety of options!

Kush 21 was the first dispensary to operate within the city of Burien and has remained the nearest site to the Seattle Airport for 5 years. With carefully selected merchandise from across the state and an informed staff, Kush 21 is an excellent overall dispensary experience. We also offer a price-match guarantee, ensuring that the prices at Kush 21 are the lowest around.

Premium Product Line-Up

Kush 21 carries many premium brands such as Leafwerx, Firehouse Productions, Phat Panda, and Forbidden Farms with a wide selection of flower, concentrates, & edibles. Be sure to check these products out at Kush 21 and participate in specials like Munchie Mondays, Waxy Wednesdays, and Shatterday.

LeafWerx – Cinderella 99 Ultra Refined Cartridge

Included in the High Times “Top Strains of 2009”, Cinderella 99 might give you the boost of energy that you need. This Sativa-dominant strain is a cross between Jack Herrer and Herrer, producing hazy floral flavors. Measuring at a 97% THC level, this strain might be great for reducing stress throughout the day, increasing appetite, or potentially treating fatigue symptoms. Today, you can pick up the Cinderella 99 Ultra Refined cartridge from Leafwerx at Kush 21 for just $40!

Fire House Productions – SR-71 Purple Kush flower

These dark, dense, buds, scattered purple coloration, will give you a euphoric head buzz that lasts for hours. The SR-71 Purple Kush strain, commonly shortened to SR-71 or Purple Kush, is a strong Indica that might have you feeling blissfully sedated. This cross between Purple Afghani and Hindu Kush carries many of the authentic purple flavors, such as spice and grape. This strain averages around 20% THC and might work well in treating insomnia. Cultivated by Fire House Production, an eighth of Purple Kush retails for $45 at Kush 21.

Phat Panda – Golden Pineapple flower

The wonderfully tropical Golden Pineapple combines Golden Goat and Pineapple Kush for a fruity, citrus explosion. This strain, created by Phat Panda, is a balanced hybrid, making it a great choice for any time of day. Averaging around 19% THC, the high might sneak up and hit you out of nowhere. The effects are described as being potentially creative and euphoric, which may be perfect for a productive day or a crafty night in. Here at Kush 21, you can pick up an eighth of this exotic strain for just $42.

Forbidden Farms – Kobain Kush Wax

After trying Kobain Kush, you won’t be able to get enough of this uncommon Indica-hybrid. Despite being an Indica, this strain has an earthy-coffee taste with notes of diesel and pine. Kobain Kush, named after the legendary grunge artist, is a cross between Pre-98 Bubba Kush and White Lotus, providing a potentially great high while enjoying music. This strain averages at around 13% THC, which may create a relatively mellow high that may stimulate the mind without putting yourself to sleep. Be sure to check out Forbidden Farms’ Kobain Kush Wax at Kush 21, priced at $16 per gram.

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