5 Cannabis Halloween Products

By Kush21 Staff Editor

The spooky season’s approach means cannabis lovers are on the lookout for the products that compliment Halloween the best. At Kush 21, we want your All-Hallows-Eve celebrations to be filled with your favorite cannabis flower, delicious edibles, and fire extracts. To make your search for the right products easier, we’ve compiled a list of items perfect for your cannabis Halloween shenanigans. 

Kraken Flower 

This monster of an Indica strain contains unknown genetics from Spanish breeder Buddha Seeds. This strain features sense nugs with a blanket of white trichomes and crystal resin. With a nicely skewed balance of 19.83% THC and 0.31% CBD, the Kraken’s potentially euphoric effects are a fit for any cannabis halloween celebration. 

Death Star Cartridge 

If you’re planning on dressing up as anything from Star Wars, you gotta come correct with the Death Star Distillate 1G Cartridge. This potent cross of Sensi Star and Sour Diesel creates sweet, skunky, and fuel-like aromas with a flavor to match. The cartridge contains 95.88% THC; resulting in effects that may spark a relaxed state of euphoria. Priced at $45.00 before tax, the Death Star cart is a must for cannabis Halloween fun.

Island Time Lemonade Energy Tincture Shot

Sinners and Saints is a brand that seems made for Halloween. For the Devil and Angel costume wearers, the Island Time Lemonade Energy Tincture Shot will complement the energy of the night perfectly. The Tincture shot packs 100mg of THC in a 2oz portable bottle. This means you can bring it with you while party hopping or trick-or-treating. The tincture contains zero sugars, zero calories, and no caffeine. At just $12.00 before tax, you can bring a few to share!

Blue Raspberry 10 Pack

These Blue-raspberry flavored gummies come in 10 pieces of 10mg THC gummies. These edibles are like eating your favorite Sour Patch Kids gummies. This 10 pack is the perfect party favor for Halloween. Share a few with your buddies and watch a scary movie!

Dark Chocolate Truffles 

What fits Halloween better than dark chocolate? These decadent truffles are made with rich whipped crème chocolate ganache wrapped in an artisan shell. The effects may create a feeling of euphoria, or a potentially “freeing” experience. The pack is a 1:1 ratio; 100mg of THC and 100mg of CBD. Take these before or after a night of cannabis Halloween fun!

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October 7, 2021

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