Munchie Emergency

Munchie Emergency!

By Kush21 Staff Editor

Let’s face the undeniable truth: Everyone needs to eat.

When the munchies strike, there is no worse feeling than not knowing how to satisfy those cravings. Thankfully we live in a world of great delivery options, and Seattle has a plethora of restaurants participating in delivery apps, such as UberEats and Postmates, which provide quick and convenient services to help us get through the munchies without driving.

But here is the dilemma: How many of us have sat there scrolling through endless lists of food options feeling indecisive and too paralyzed to decide? It can absolutely be overwhelming with so many options – spicy, savory, fast, great quality, or a mix of everything? That coupled with the ever-looming doom of…

“Will I regret spending my money on this?”

Fear no more my fellow cannabis friends! Here is our collected list of yummy choices to quench your munchies. Don’t stress over your food, instead sit back, enjoy your favorite bud, and let us guide you through our favorite go-to’s for delivery in Seattle!

Tacos for Munchies


Who doesn’t love a good taco?! Delectable and delicious – Tacos Chukis is ready for your blitzed order. They can be found on Facebook and they keep you in the loop with live updates, offering endless amounts of great reviews to check out (a whopping 4.8 out of 5 – impressive to say the least)! Tacos Chukis has four locations in Capitol Hill, South Lake Union, Beacon Hill, and Central District so they have a fairly large delivery radius around Seattle. But don’t just take our word for it, in 2016 Thrillist labeled Tacos Chukis “Seattle’s Best Taqueria.”

Tacos Chukis is like a fusion of a modern taco truck and Mexican restaurant. Fast and ready to eat, these bad-boys survive the delivery well and don’t grease up during travel. We’d suggest a Carne Asada Taco, Nopales Asados Torta (if you’ve never tried cactus, do your taste buds a favor and order one!), or their Baby-Burrito!

Tacos Chukis can be ordered on: Postmates, DoorDash, and On Demand Food Ordering.

Check out their facebook page here: Tacos Chukis

Sushi for Munchies


Sometimes you just need a good rolled joint and a delicately wrapped sushi roll to partner with it. Our munchie satisfying favorites are the Spicy Ahi Tuna Roll, Rainbow Roll, and Spider Roll. I Love Sushi will not break the bank yet surely will leave you peacefully dreaming of the next time you can order from them. Instead of dreaming, just pull up their Instagram and save those delicious posts for the next munchy filled day!

Not a sushi fan? Don’t fret – they have hot Tempura Udon to warm your insides. Great after a sunny smoke sesh, or a rainy day bowl, I Love Suhi’s dishes will light up your night and have you raving about it next time you’re talking with your friends.

I Love Sushi can be ordered on: DoorDash, GrubHub, Postmates,, and more!

Cafe for Munchies


Specialty’s has a special place in my heart because they really are a special piece of Seattle. Flavor packed lunches in cute coffee shops all around downtown, who wouldn’t love that?

Here you can grab a light lunch or bring on a heavy food coma. No matter your hunger (or hangry) level – you are all set! They have everything from boxed tea and fresh coffee to bakery pastries and stuffed lunches. Our favorites are the Turkey Avocado toasted sandwich, Watermelon Feta & Arugula salad (available seasonally), and if you’re like me and love a good breakfast any time of day, check out the Southwestern breakfast sandwich!

Specialty’s Café and Bakery can be ordered on:, DoorDash, Postmates, GrubHub, CaviarBite SquadPeach, and UberEats!

Check them out on their website for more details:

Curry for Munchies


Craving that slightly spicy and savory, buttery flavor of curry? Cedars in the U-District should be your go-to for fantastic Indian and Mediterranean dishes. Located at the north end of “The Ave,” aka University Way, parking is not supreme, so instead of parallel parking a few times, order up and have it brought to your door!

Not in the delivery zone? Check out their Broadway Cedars in Capitol Hill and take a peak at their Instagram. We love all their dishes but would highly recommend the Samosas appetizer, Falafel Plate, or the Coconut Curry entrée!

Cedars can be ordered on: Postmates, Caviar, GrubHub, Doordash, Waiter, and UberEats!

Check out their website for more details

Pizza for Munchies


This pizza joint lives up to it’s name! Humbly delicious is hard to find, and pizza can be a serious hit or miss. Will it be firm enough? Too oily? Covered with enough toppings? Will the box collapse on top and pull the cheese off?

Humble Pie in the International District delivers wood-fired artisanal pizza that is sure to fill you up while you’re baked yourself! Seattle Met wrote a raving review and called them “A Slice of Utopia”, and we indubitably agree!

There’s a pizza here for everyone: classic orders of pizza pies, and some pizzas that are a bit out there, which seems very Seattle. We would recommend trying the Apple Bacon pizza or the Prosciutto Egg pizza to calm any ravenousness munchie madness!

Humble Pie can be ordered on: GrubHub, Postmates, Caviar,, and Seamless.

Check out their site here:

Next time you are stuck wondering what to feel like ordering, save our go-to’s for delivery and spend your day relaxed, fed, and happy!

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