Top 5 Private Clubs in Seattle

Top 5 Private Clubs in Seattle

By Angie Mcfarlane

Seattle is an environment that’s in constant flux. With bustling streets, soaring skyscrapers and tech crunching residents, it’s beginning to resemble the movie title “Sleepless in Seattle” more and more every day! For some, it can be rather daunting trying to find the right space for networking or letting off some steam. That’s why it’s important to have a place to go for those days you need a little extra boost. We think getting a club membership is just the ticket and there’s no better place than the private clubs throughout the Seattle area.

From networking and socializing, to pumping iron or relaxing in a jacuzzi, here is the shortlist of the best private clubs in Seattle that just might fit your busy lifestyle.


Our first private club has got to be the best view in all of Seattle! Established in 1985, the Columbia Tower Club sits atop 76 floors with one of the most breathtaking views Seattle has to offer. Known for exceptional service, the Columbia tower club is primarily a social business club with networking events tailored around personal enhancement and development.

The club also sports dining facilities and several bars that oversee the beautiful city skyline, with magical sunset views. Their fine dining is no joke either and makes the perfect spot for a romantic date night or to impress high profile clients.

Columbia Tower Club is an ideal spot to host business meetings or a conference for your corporation. Big ideas just seem to come naturally here, …hmmm it must have something to do with that amazing view!


If you require a different type of relaxation, you may be interested in the Olympic Athletic Club. As the name states, this club is a little bit more, how do we say, athletic.

It first opened its doors in 1979 and has since continued to grow as one of Seattle’s prolific fitness clubs for the health aficionados. It boasts a 1980’s charm with their original architecture, high ceilings, and exposed brick.

Olympic Athletic Club also includes free parking for its members, a huge bonus compared to downtown parking prices. Walking into this club you can’t tell if its a hotel, a spa, a pile of towels, or a gym! One thing is for certain, you’ll have plenty of room to enjoy that much-needed relaxation time while keeping fit.


The Rainier Club of Seattle

Surrounded by skyscrapers and reminiscent of Seattle’s early days, the Rainier Club is a gem hidden amongst the ever-evolving chaos of the Seattle city center.

It’s a space filled with tradition, and that’s why most love it there. Decorated with details from the early 1900s and accentuated with vintage furniture, it feels like you’re back just in time for a Great Gatsby party with flapper dresses, speakeasies, and a jazz band around the corner.

The Rainier Club is more of an event and social space than anything else, where members host special events, weddings, high-end meetings, and classy receptions.

They also have their own secret bar inside the building exclusively for members who appreciate the vintage charm of the facility. This club, as boasted by its members, is the epitome of excellence and customer service since 1904.


The Washington Athletic Club of Seattle

The Washington Athletic Club, also known as the WAC in Seattle, is a private-club tailored to executives in downtown Seattle with a busy lifestyle.

Opened in 1930, the Washington Athletic Club has been successfully providing fitness and other networking services to Seattle for 88 years which include a pool, basketball court, racquetball courts, men, women, and co-ed facilities, an indoor track, and even a ballroom.

WAC has crowned itself as a home away from home for it’s high-end and luxurious attention to customer service. The perfect marriage of a social club and an athletic club, it also provides several bars and restaurants within its walls and is host to many networking events year round.


The College Club of Seattle

Think of The College Club as a social club on the water.

With a lounge, pool table, shuffleboard, large flat screen, and lots of seating right off of Lake Union, this is a perfect place for rowers and lake-rats who can enjoy the club with its convenient boat access.

The gym here is not as fancy or luxurious as clubs mentioned before, but it’s easily made up by the free access to kayaks and paddleboards for their members. This club is perfect for water sport enthusiasts too! Providing a floating deck where you can sit and enjoy the summer sun all day long.


It doesn’t matter if you’re strictly business, athletics, or a little bit of both. With so many private club choices in the Seattle area, there’s bound to be a facility that encompasses your lifestyle.

If you’re ever in the market to join a private club, make sure you ask for new member specials. Some clubs have new member program rates with incentives to get more members to join. Keep an eye out for the right opportunity to join at lower rates than during peak times and it never hurts to ask!

While you can’t buy friends, happiness, love, or health, you can get yourself a membership to one of these private clubs in Seattle to get as close to bliss as possible.

Angie Mcfarlane

Cannabis Culture writer for Kush21

*All information, content, and material of this website is for informational purposes only and are not intended to serve as a substitute for the consultation, diagnosis, and/or medical treatment of a qualified physician or healthcare provider.

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June 14, 2019

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